Sharest Screenshot-library tab Sharest Screenshot-monitor
Library Tab
You can use the Library Tab (which is a type of file browser) to check and know exactly which files you are sharing. It’s a good management tool that gives you access to your digital content.
Monitor Tab
The monitor tab (placed between the Search and the Library tabs) at the top makes it possible for you to see what other users are searching for and what they are downloading from you.
Sharest Screenshot-options Sharest search screenshot
Options Tab
This is a most useful tool as it allows you to change different settings to your p2p client to better meet your needs. It’s found in the Tools tab and let’s you select more advanced settings like BitTorrent support and percentage of bandwidth to use for downloads.
Search Tab
When starting Sharest, it always opens to the Search Tab which allows you to enter whatever title you want to download. At the screen’s top left corner you will find search categories according to various types of media files to improve your search results.