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The “Transfers” tab allows you to check the downloading and uploading progress on your system. Moreover, you can monitor the file name, file types, the file owner, the status of the download and also the speed of the downloading process; this tab also lets you view the percentage of download. The “Home” tab presents you with all the options the programs offers, very conveniently displayed through large, clear-cut icons – it allows easy access to various categories such as “My Library”, “My Downloads”, “Connections” and more, as well as the search bar and the advanced filter


Library Tab-Click to enlarge!


Search Tab-Click to enlarge!

This tab is excellent in terms of managing your internal files, organizing content, basically, giving you access to all folders stored on your computer.

It provides you with advanced search options wherein you can carry out a search based on more specific parameters therefore making possible a more efficient and precise result set.